Annual Report 2009

Fulfilling our Mission

In 2009 Free Geek distributed 2,415 refurbished computers into the community – nearly double what we gave away in 2008! 1,086 of these computers found new homes with volunteers while the remaining 1,329 computers were awarded to nonprofit organizations. Compared to the 589 computers which went to nonprofit organizations in 2008, it’s clear that an emphasis on the Hardware Grants program has paid off.

In 2009 volunteers logged 82,910 hours of volunteering at Free Geek (equivalent to ~40 full time staff members). This is way up from 65,865 in 2008. As can be seen in the above chart, Build program volunteers log the most hours. We redoubled our efforts to attract and retain more volunteer interns in 2009 (these folks show up on the “Other” line).

In 2009 we offered 463 educational classes – an extraordinary increase of 90 classes from 2008. At the beginning of 2008 most classes offered at Free Geek were specifically tied to our volunteer programs. The Education program developed a series of repeatable “one-off” classes to increase educational value and supplement the program related classes. The success of the Summer City Computer Program accounts for the increase in program classes in the summer of 2009. Through this program, roughly 45 K-12 students in Portland school and their families volunteered at a non-profit organization other than Free Geek and received a free computer from Free Geek. Participants of the Summer City Computer Program attended a class on how to use their new computer.

In 2009 Free Geek boasted an impressive rate of 23% for the computers we received which were refurbished. As the chart shows, this represents an increase from 2008.

Financial Trends

These income and expense pie charts provide a good picture of where the money comes from and goes in general. The data is based on actuals for the 2009. (A few numbers relating to recycling expenses and recycling income for the month of December are estimates, and may change slightly in the near future.) A number of income and expense items changed between 2008 and 2009, so 2008 numbers are not included in the above overview.

The above table shows and chart shows the years 2008 and 2009, quarter by quarter, with income and expenses compared. Except for Q4 2008 income exceeded expenses and the net income has been growing since. The problem with Q4 were severalfold, including a snow storm that shut us down for much of December, the collapse of the commodities market which cut into recycling income, and the general financial meltdown which diminished monetary contributions.

The above chart shows Free Geek’s Income, month by month, over the period of 2008 and 2009. This chart excludes one time income since its purpose is to show the overall trends. As the chart shows, the largest income stream is Sales, with Donations and Recycling coming in about tied for second place. Additionally, some of the smaller income streams changed from 2008 to 2009. Close examination shows a spike in Fundraising income at the end of each year.

The above chart shows Free Geek’s Expenses, month by month, over the period of 2008 and 2009. This chart excludes one time expenses since its purpose is to show the overall trends. Unsurprisingly, Staffing expenses are the largest expense by far. Occupancy expenses are next, about a quarter of Staffing. You can see the Recycling expenses drop as a result of the new legislation that went into effect at the beginning of 2009.

Free Geek’s sales are spread across several types of gizmos. If a gizmo type represented 3-4% of total sales it is represented as a slice of pie above. All the small types (under 3% individually) add up to the largest slice (37%). Not surprisingly regular systems account for the biggest chunk, though they are dropping off over time as more people purchase laptops.

In summary, 2009 was an awesome year for Free Geek!