We have temporarily closed our grant program to new applications. We will begin accepting applications again on March 1st, 2015.

Hardware Grants

One motherboard, coming right up

The Hardware Grants Program connects qualifying non-profits with needed and available refurbished computer equipment. Since our inception in February 2000, we have granted out more than 10,500 PCs and many other technology items to various organizations. Read on for more details.

Who is eligible

Hardware grants are made to non-profits (schools, religious organizations, community centers, etc.) that can arrange to pick up requested equipment from our Portland location. Individuals are not eligible for grants – please see our volunteer programs if you are an individual looking for a computer.


The systems we grant out are excellent for typical office tasks, such as word processing and browsing the web. Almost all of them are also covered by Free Geek Tech Support for one year from the date of receipt.


Because of the difficulty involved in verifying legitimacy, tracking what happens after computers become obsolete, and shipping or preparation to ship, it is extremely unlikely that international grant requests will be approved, even if you have a local contact. Please consider these other ways to get free hardware:

  • Contact big computer manufacturers. They like the publicity and enjoy donating!
  • Check out the World Computer Exchange.

What is available

We specialize in granting out complete PC systems (which come installed with Linux Mint). All systems come with monitor, mouse, keyboard and power cables. We are often able to meet other hardware needs as well – just be specific in your request.

Due to current demand, we are only able to provide up to three laptops at a time to organizations within Portland city limits and are unable to offer laptops to organizations outside this area. To ease the process, please be specific in your request about why laptops are preferential. If your organization needs more than three, please re-apply 90 days after receiving the first three.


Please follow these steps to apply for a hardware grant:

We have temporarily closed our grant program to new applications. Please check back in early 2015 to apply for a Hardware Grant from Free Geek.

1. Determine your organization’s eligibility and specific hardware need in order to articulate this through the application.
2. Fill out the hardware grants application thoroughly. Please look for an immediate email response; it may be in your spam folder as it is auto-generated. We recommend you add hardware-grants(at)todo(dot)freegeek(dot)org to your contacts or “approved senders” list to ensure you receive email communication from us.
3. We will contact you within four weeks to let you know the status of your request. Please note: We may offer to partially fill a grant. For instance, if thirty computers are requested, we may only be able to grant twenty.
4. Show up at your scheduled time to pick up your hardware. We are not able to grant out technology without a confirmed appointment.