Mission Statement

Free Geek’s mission is to recycle technology and provide access to computers, the internet, education and job skills in exchange for community service.

Quick Stats

  • Free Geek boasts 500-600 active volunteers. Active volunteers are defined as individuals who have volunteered three hours in the past 30 days.
  • In 2012 we accepted hardware from 18,962 contacts with approximately 738.4 tons of material (including 24,322 computer systems, 10,716 monitors and 8,996 printers). Of this, we were able to reuse approximately 137.22 tons, lessening the environmental impact associated with the energy-intensive recycling process.
  • We taught over 1,400 students in more than 350 classes for a combined total of well over 4,000 hours of instruction.
  • Free Geek disbursed over 525 volunteer-refurbished computers to our volunteers in the Build and Adoption programs as well as area students through Plug into Portland. We also granted out over 2500 computers and laptops to over 300 organizations through our Hardware Grants program.