Free Geek is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that refurbishes technology to provide computers, education and job skills in exchange for community service.


Computers help us in many ways, yet two important issues arise from their use which are problematic. The unfortunate irony is that many individuals- including youth and those on fixed incomes -lack the resources to own a computer or pay for software training while, at same time, obsolete computers and accessories create thousands of tons of waste each year.


Free Geek was born in 2000 out of a desire to point these two problems at each other. We accept unwanted technology, test and rebuild it, and give it to those in need in exchange for community service. A Free Geek volunteer who contributes her time to earn a computer is also helping to solve the global problem of e-waste overflow.


Our volunteers do much more than earn a free computer; they form the backbone of our organization. Volunteers build the computers, tear down the parts to be recycled, teach others, and offer perspectives which shape the daily operations. They make it so Free Geek can efficiently work to solve the problem of e-waste and the digital divide while creating a welcoming, healthy, and fun community.


As Free Geek has grown from 3 staff members to almost 40, volunteers continue to fuel the organization. While volunteers help Free Geek fulfill its Mission Statement, many individuals and organizations benefit. Free Geek currently puts thousands of computers back into reuse every year through our Adoption Program, Hardware Grants Program, and our Thrift Store.