Free Geek logoFree Geek’s mission is to recycle technology and provide access to computers, the Internet, education, and job skills in exchange for community service.


It’s a mission that’s worked for us through the many changes since our founding in February 2000. Believing firmly that reuse is the highest and best form of recycling, we refurbish what we can and send it back out into the community with a new lease on life. The stuff that doesn’t make the grade is not banished to landfills to leach toxic chemicals into the water table, nor is it sent to developing nations to be disassembled by small children. We do our very best to make sure that all electronic materials we don’t reuse are responsibly recycled within North America.


We take safety and privacy seriously at Free Geek. View our full Environmental Health and Safety Policy here and our Website Privacy Policy here.


We are proud affiliates of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, Partners Bridging the Digital Divide, AFTRR, and the National Cristina Foundation.