Oregon E-Cycles, a new program created by Oregon’s Electronics Recycling Law, provides free recycling of computers, monitors and televisions to anyone with seven or fewer items to recycle at a time.

Electronics manufacturers and the DEQ-administered State Contractor Program have contracted with collectors around the state, like Free Geek, making e-cycling convenient and easy. You can be assured that items taken to participating Oregon E-Cycles collection sites are handled safely and responsibly according to environmentally- sound management practices established by DEQ.

If you have more than 7 computers, laptops, monitors, and/or televisions please call ahead to determine whether you are eligible for free recycling of these items.

Benefits of giving your electronics to Free Geek

1. Free Geek is a convenient place to drop off all your electronics! Free Geek is happy to continue accepting computer peripherals (like printers, cables, keyboards, and mice) and other electronics. For more information about what Free Geek accepts, please see our Donation page.

2. Free Geek is first and foremost devoted to reuse. Computers that are refurbished by Free Geek are distributed back into the community through our Volunteer and Hardware Grants programs. When you donate your computer to Free Geek, you are helping others in the community harness the power of technology. To read more about Free Geek’s impact on individuals, check out their stories

3. As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, all donations to Free Geek (monetary and hardware) are tax deductible.