Data Security

Free Geek takes the security of your data very seriously. We make every effort to ensure any data-containing gizmos we receive are either wiped clean using Department of Defense standards, or physically destroyed on-site. As we do not currently offer certificates of destruction, the ultimate responsibility for the security of your data is yours. Here are some extra steps you can take to ensure your data is secure.

What you can do

Hard Drives

Simply deleting files does not make the data unrecoverable. Physically destroying hard drives makes it virtually impossible to recover data, and reuse the components. The safest way to ensure your data is unrecoverable is to overwrite the entire drive multiple times, using one of the following applications:

You are welcome to use DBAN before donating systems or hard drives for extra peace of mind.

Other Gizmos

These days your phone or PDA could know more about you than your mother, and it’s important to remember even small gizmos can contain volumes of sensitive data. We wipe these items before allowing them to leave our care. You can also find details on how to securely erase data from these gizmos by doing a simple internet search.

By using non-destructive means to securely erase your data, you not only protect yourself, you keep much-needed technology available for reuse in your community.