Our Staff

There is no Executive Director at Free Geek. Instead, three Directors work together as a Senior Management Team under the oversight of our governing Board of Directors to take overarching responsibility for the organization. The Senior Management Team works with other managers and front-line staff to ensure that Free Geek runs smoothly and grows appropriately, in both its daily and more long-range operations.


Want to join our team? When Free Geek is hiring, job descriptions will be posted on our jobs page.


(Wondering about the Collective? Free Geek completed a multi-year period of reflection and planning culminating in the re-organization of its management structure.)


Senior Management Team

Colleen Dixon, Director of Public Services


Richard Seymour, Director of Operations


Michael KosmalaInterim Executive Director




Other Management

Brian Keefer, Sales Manager

Brian has many years of experience in sales, non-profit work, volunteer coordination, and managing thrift stores.

He also is a Master Gardener (any live plants left at Free Geek?) and guitar player, and he just adopted a new puppy from a shelter!



John Ashcraft, Recycling Supervisor

John has been enthusiastically recycling everything he could scavenge for 83.5% of his life. He has tried very hard to become a computer nerd but always seems to get distracted by reuse, recycling and volunteer opportunities. While pursuing a computer science degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks he discovered that he could pay the bills by selling dumpster-dived textbooks online. This growing online used book business and regular vacations with nomadic pedal or wind powered European circuses derailed his CS Degree. He has since earned both a B.A and a B.S in Sociology and has retired from the Internet.



Amber Schmidt, BETA Supervisor

Amber is a science geek transplanted into the world of technology. She started at Free Geek as a Front Desk intern and has migrated into the wondrous world of Laptops. She is a Psychology and Criminology dual-major at Portland State. Amber has an unmatched ability to make people laugh, and is constantly doing so herself. An avid bookworm, Amber enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on, retro (and current) video games, playing with her 2 giant dogs, and challenging your pinball high-score. She could also probably eat her weight in Vegas Rolls.



Ramo Garcilazo, Incoming Supervisor





Other Awesome Staff

Omar Vargas, Spanish Program Coordinator


Omar Vargas es mimo, actor, activista, papá, etc. y le encanta la tecnología. Antes de llegar a Free Geek trabajó en una compañí­a de teatro, en un museo y en varias organizaciones de la comunidad.

Omar Vargas is a mime, actor, activist, father, etc.., and he loves technology. Before coming to work at Free Geek he worked in a theater, a museum and several community organizations.

Emily Wong, Public Services Staff Member

Dani Smith, Public Services Staff Member

1969403_10201919086646180_3720619252505242405_nDani is the frumpiest 20-something year old you’ve met. She knits, reads, and crafts in her free time, and has a cat on her lap about 50% of the time (but when Free Geek lets her bring her cat to work, it will be more). She is generally the straight cop of the Free Geek front desk comedy team, but she’s always laughing on the inside. When she learns how to drive, she will probably describe herself as “outdoorsy”, but for now she’s a fan of city parks. Did I mention she has a cat? She definitely has a cat.

Noah Hochman, Public Services Staff Member

noah!When not working in open source technology at Free Geek, Noah works in open source technology at Public Lab!  When not at Public Lab, Noah works in all volunteer community organizing groups like Portland Rising Tide.  When not at Rising Tide, he helps activists with legal stuff with the NLG.  When not working with the NLG he lives in collective owned housing like PCH.  When not at any of said things he can be found on a bike or imbibing a beer.

Scott Morris, Public Services Staff Member – Tech Support

Scott_MorrisScott is an Oregon native with an associate degree in Information Systems. He volunteered more than 460 hours at Free Geek before duping the previous tech support manager into recommending him as his replacement. Scott enjoys solving Rubik’s cubes, playing disc golf, and drinking a nice single malt.

Forrest Barber, Sales Staff Member

Forrest Barber headshot

Forrest also volunteered at Free Geek before joining our sales staff. He has had several jobs in sales and customer service, helping to run two private businesses as well with cost analysis, web design, large project design and more.

Brandon Brink, Sales Staff Member

Cody Cargill, Sales Staff Member

Jeff Churchill, Sales Staff Member

Scott Forbes, Sales Staff Member


Ryan Niebur, Information Technology Architect

Ryan is finally old enough to vote and he is probably still WAY smarter than most people you know. Without Ryan’s expertise, Free Geek’s technical end would look pretty sad.



Michael Westwind, Bookkeeper

What's that on yer forehead?Michael spent the early part of his life looking at bugs and wanting to be a computer. The concept nerd was invented to describe him (yes, he had a briefcase in high school). The bugs have been replaced by worms and Michael is now a world expert on a small group of earthworms known only from the Pacific Northwest. He does not try to combine the worms with his computers.

Michael was trained to be generous and helpful by a team of older sisters. Despite this early experience he enjoys people and helping them, and helping them to enjoy computers. He is even still polite to his sisters. In other spheres, Michael is an obsessive gardener, a former Reedie, and a wikipedian. Current projects include the search for the perfect ale.



Darryl Kan, Facilities & Warehouse Coordinator

The glowing disc of power.Darryl would like to create a Recycling Triathlon:

  • Event 1: Blindfolded Toolkit Inventory
  • Event 2: Schnitzer Steel Toss for Distance
  • Event 3: Plastics Gaylord Shakedown

When not at the ‘Geek, he enjoys throwing and chasing plastic in the mud. No wonder he’s the right guy for the job.

Lacey Osteen, Recycling Associate

Christopher Himes, Recycling Associate

Jake Taasevigen, Production Staff Member

Jake Taasevigen







Rob Taylor, Production Staff Member

Rob may be able to say the whole alphabet backward. Come visit him in BETA!









John West, Production Staff Member

Cliff Fortune, Production Staff Member

The picture speaks for itself.



Kristoffer Godwin, Donations Collection Specialist

Kristoffer with his skin off.Kristoffer originally came to Oregon after being chased away by polar bears from his home state of Alaska fourteen years ago. OK, maybe not, but he came here to get a degree in digital art and involve himself in a community that supports a happy and fulfilling existence. Since graduating with a degree in Animation and Media Arts, he decided to enthusiastically take up full residence in the City of Portland and see what happens. And to hide from the bears.



John Rieman, Production Staff Member

10616678_10204700995469847_6968982529238747977_nJohn has a BS in Cognitive Science and a MS in Aerospace Engineering. He has had a lifelong love of technology. He’s vegan due to an affinity for creatures great and small. He was once a foster parent to a litter of ground squirrels.

Michael Perry, Production Staff Member

michael perryThe world is Michael’s Lego bucket.

Anthony Carrillo, Production Staff Member

Anthony Carrillo headshot

Anthony also was volunteering as a BETA intern and brought with him many years of technical and supervisory experience.








Ryan Dodd, Production Staff Member

Ryan Dodd headshot

Ryan came to Free Geek after 6 years of service in tech support, sales and customer service at Xerox.







Kyle Kasner, Production Staff Member


Sara Woods, Receiving & Sorting Associate

saraSara Woods is a poet, artist and sometimes technology figure-outer who spent five years teaching technology & doing reference in public libraries before coming to Free Geek. She is the author of two books of poetry, Wolf Doctors and Sara or the Existence of Fire. Her third, Careful Mountain comes out in 2016. She is a trans woman and a Scorpio.