Free Geek Technology Donation Hours: Wed - Sat 11am - 4pm

27% of Americans do not own a computer. And one out of ten families do not have internet at home. This lack of access is sharply stratified along lines of income, race, age and education. Low-income families, immigrants, seniors and children are digitally under-connected, many with mobile-only internet access, which often isn’t enough. Free Geek started in order to provide digital access to all, and so came about our Digital Inclusion Programs.

Computer Adoption
Plug into Portland student with desktop

Are you an individual in need of a computer? Check out our programs to see if you are eligible for a free Free Geek device!


Are you an organization in need of computers for you or your program recipients? Check out our programs to see if you are eligible for free Free Geek devices!

If you aren’t eligible for these programs or simply don’t have the extra time to commit, don’t worry! You can still obtain a low-cost computer from our store.