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Free Geek's purpose is to include everyone in our digital future.


70% of overall toxic waste

in America is through e-waste.

66% of new jobs

require either high/medium-level digital skills.

1 out of 5 households in America

do not own a computer.

Without access to a device, many people are incapable of creating an environment of success similar to those with technology. Students can't continue their education through online school, people can't receive Telehealth services necessary to their ailments, jobs posted online cannot be applied for, people can't apply to college, and many other incapabilities. How does Free Geek work to solve this growing issue?


Sustainably refurbishing & recycling e-waste

Free Geek accepts donations of computers and other electronics at our Portland facility. We take data security seriously — that’s why everything that comes through our doors goes through a strict data destruction process. We even accept larger donations from corporations through our corporate partnership program!

Providing refurbished technology devices

We reuse as much technology as we can by giving it a new lease on life through one of our many community programs. These programs provide volunteers, nonprofits, and community change organizations with free, refurbished technology. The Free Geek Store also makes computers and accessories available at affordable prices.

Hosting multi-level technology education courses

Education that demystifies technology empowers our community as a whole. We host a wide variety of free classes and workshops on open source technology throughout the week. All of our classes are open to the public. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

Interested in your corporation donating old tech devices to the community?



Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial in today's business world, and partnering with Free Geek allows your company to commit to social accountability - both locally and globally.

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With your help in 2020,

we provided over 1550 computers back to our community!