Free Geek public donation hours, eBay pick-up, and Community Center hours: Wed - Sat 11 AM - 4PM.

Want to know how you can help Free Geek in our work toward bridging the digital divide?

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One of the best ways to help our organization is by donating to help us continue our work. Give a gift to Free Geek to support our journey in bridging the digital divide.

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Do you want to volunteer at Free Geek? Check out our current volunteer opportunities now to find out how you can join our organization in helping our community.

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Become an Ambassador

Join a group of individuals who are dedicated to sharing Free Geek's vision by letting their community know about Free Geek's work through social media, email, fundraising, and more.

Become a Member

Join our membership program, The BRIDGE, to work to bridge the digital divide annually every month, while receiving quarterly progress updates from us to you.

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Donate Your Businesses Devices

Partner your company with Free Geek to make sure your devices are getting sustainably reused and recycled, in order to provide for our community.

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Donate Individual Technology

Have old tech laying around? Donate your used devices to help us keep e-waste out of landfills, while providing used technology to community members in need.

How did Free Geek help our community in 2022?
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