You do not need a computer background to contribute to Free Geek as a volunteer. We encourage people from all backgrounds to get involved. Our facility is mostly accessible, and we welcome people with different abilities. Whether you want to learn, perform community service, get school credit, earn a computer or support the cause(s), we have room for you!


Take a 30-40 minute volunteer orientation tour 11am or 4pm Tuesday-Saturday to learn about our many volunteer opportunities and to sign up. Find out more about how to get started here!


A volunteer disassembles a printer.
A volunteer disassembles a printer.

Volunteer Opportunities

Shift Opportunities

You may schedule up to two shifts at a time. Volunteer shifts occur between the hours of 10AM and 6PM, Tuesday through Saturday. Volunteers may work in any of the following task areas:


  • Recycling Bench: Disassembling desktop systems for recycling.
  • Recycling Table: Disassembling smaller electronics for recycling.
  • Sorting Table: Sorting incoming items and carrying items around Free Geek.
  • Reuse Testing: Testing hardware like keyboards, mice, and monitors for reuse.
  • Reuse Workshop: Introduction to learning how to refurbish computers (desktops, laptops, Macs).
  • Reuse Shift: Refurbishment and quality control of computers (desktops, laptops, Macs).


If you would like to make a larger commitment to Free Geek, gain more skills, or guarantee a regular schedule our Internships may interest you. Free Geek offers unpaid internships that come with valuable job skills training, resume assistance, letters of reference and feedback on performance. These are highly appreciated and competitive positions.

Group Volunteering

We provide an excellent experience for up to 16 coworkers, students, or group members to give back to their community and help protect the environment. Please submit a Group Volunteer Form to schedule your group today.


Free Geek could not exist without its fabulous volunteers. Thank you for donating your time to support the Free Geek mission. We’re happy to have you as one of our over 2,000 yearly active volunteers!