FREE GEEK PUBLIC DONATION HOURS: WEDNESDAY - SATURDAY | 11AM - 4PM. *Public technology donations will be closed on Saturday, 6/22.

Interested in starting a campaign to help Free Geek fundraise toward bridging the digital divide?

Starting a campaign is easy! 

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STEP 1 - Decide to help.

¼ of Americans don’t have access to a computer at home. Will you help? 


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STEP 2 - Create a goal.

How you can help: Set a fundraising goal. How much money are you hoping to raise?


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STEP 3 - Find a platform.

Choose an online fundraising platform. 


  1. GiveButter -
  2. Facebook -





STEP 4 - Let us know.

Fill out this form, letting Free Geek know you’re hosting a fundraiser!





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STEP 5 - Let others know.

Once your campaign is set up and ready to go, spread the word! Be it through social media, email, or word of mouth within your community, all of this helps reach your fundraising goal while supporting Free Geek’s mission to include everyone in our digital future. 


What are some types of fundraisers you could create?

Ask your community to help you raise funds for Free Geek as your birthday gift!

Wedding Gift Registry

Ask your wedding guests to support your favorite charity

In Honor of a Loved One

Raise money for a cause that was or is close to your loved one’s heart

Sponsor a Group of Students in Need

Sponsor a group of students needing computers to complete their schoolwork, and graduate on time (Email for more information)

Host an Event

Want to host an event to help fundraise for Free Geek? Email for more information

End of Year/Holiday

Ask your community to help you donate to Free Geek to start off our new year right, or for a holiday you are passionate about

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us at

Thank you for your interested in helping Free Geek fundraise! Please fill out the form below if you are ready to host a Free Geek fundraiser and are on step 4 of the steps above:

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