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Meet our new ED!

Free Geek is thrilled to announced that Dan Bartholomew will join the organization to serve as our first Executive Director effective August 29, 2016. Lean more here.

Come join our team!

Free Geek is seeking motivated geeks to carry out the Free Geek mission! Full job descriptions and application instructions can be found on our Jobs page.

Let us pick up your hardware

If you can't drop off your used technology, we can send our 16' truck for a base fee of $120. Because we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donations of hardware are tax-deductible--and we do our best to reuse as much technology as possible to support your community. If you'd like more information, or already know you'd like to request a pickup, please tell us about your organization and we'll follow up.

Computers For Students

The Free Geek Thrift Store is offering a 20% store-wide discount to any student with a student ID! Portland k-12 students can also earn a free computer through our Plug-Into-Portland Program.

Donate your used technology to Free Geek

We ensure that all of your data is secure and try to reuse as much as possible!
Drop it off Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm or schedule a pickup for a fee.

Data security

We know how important your personal information is and take the security of your data seriously. We ensure any data-containing gizmos we receive are either wiped clean using Department of Defense standards, or physically destroyed on-site. Learn more about our data destruction process.

More than computers

We take almost everything electronic with a very short list of items we cannot accept: major household appliances, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, vacuums, microwave ovens, smoke detectors, fluorescent light bulbs, alkaline batteries, copiers, and bottled liquids. We are also not able to reycle large amounts of plastic (like VCR tapes and floppy disks). Please contact us via email or at 503-232-9350 for more details.

Financial support essential

Your monetary contributions are an essential part of our efforts to grant refurbished computers and other technology to nonprofits, schools, and community change orgs. Did you know it takes about $70 to train volunteers to securely wipe, refurbish and process an average laptop? Your donations make the difference for so many individuals!


Where does it go?

We try to reuse as much material as we can by giving it away through our Adoption and Hardware Grants program or selling it to support our job-training and education programs. Unlike some opportunistic recyclers, those items we can't reuse are handled with the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Free Geek proudly participates in Oregon E-Cycles, offering free and convenient recycling of computers, monitors, televisions and more for all Oregonian households.

Your triple bottom line

By choosing Free Geek to reuse and ethically recycle your corporate technology, you ensure maximal impact for your business. Donations of technology are tax deductible and our reuse, volunteer and education programs benefit your community. schedule a pickup today!

Would you like a free computer?

Volunteers, nonprofits, and community change organizations can get free technology from Free Geek!


Our Hardware Grants Program connects qualifying non-profits, schools, religious, and community change organizations with needed and available refurbished computer equipment; this helps them focus their resources on mission-critical services. Since our inception in February 2000, we have granted out over 7,500 PCs, 1,900 laptops, and many other assorted items to these organizations.

See if your organization qualifies for our technology grants program


Free Geek receives donated used computers from the public and businesses, and Build volunteers refurbish them with care. These computers are then “adopted out” to our Adoption volunteers in exchange for 24 hours service or after successfully completing our Build Program (one free computer per year). Portland k-12 students can also earn a free computer through Plug-into-Portland.

Get a free computer by volunteering

Tech Support

Free Geek supports granted PCs and laptop hardware/software up to one year for free, with limited restrictions. Adoption volunteers must take the Getting Started class in order to receive free software tech support. Computers sold through our Thrift Store also benefit from a 6-month hardware and software warranty. Tech Support is currently open 12-5:45 Tuesday-Saturday.

About Free Geek Tech Support

Buy reused products and save

Support an amazing nonprofit, save money, and get great service!

Shop in person or online

Our Thrift Store caters to the novice and tinkerer alike. We sell everything from cables and cards to complete (warrantied) computer systems, cell phones, audio-visual equipment and much more, all at reasonable prices. Knowledgeable staff are happy to answer your questions and help you find the technology you need.

1731 SE 10th Avenue
Tuesday - Saturday 10am – 6pm

Buy Free Geek t-shirts, stickers and more

We also sell online

Visit our stores on these trusted sites for quality electronics, ink, logo gear, and other items:

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Make smarter decisions

Buying reused and recyced materials is economical, better for the environment and helps support our education and computer access mission. This year, for example, we've been able to give away almost 6 laptops for every 10 purchased!

As with any thrift store, available products constantly change. It's best to come in to see what we have or ask us through Twitter.

We apologize that we don't have a phone to distract us while we provide the best service we can to customers in our store. Visit us so we can give you the same great service!

Volunteering at Free Geek is rewarding

Learn to build your own computer, benefit the environment, gain job skills, or just come to have fun!

Start with a 30-minute orientation tour

All new volunteers are required take a 30 minute orientation and safety tour at either 11am or 4pm Tuesday-Saturday and agree to adhere to our policies and procedures. No prior signup required. Just arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out a little paperwork.

Free Geek Code of Conduct

Everyone must be treated with respect in order for Free Geek to be a safe and comfortable environment for all volunteers and staff. If you see anyone engaging in any of the below activities on Free Geek premises, please let a staff member know immediately so we can follow up appropriately. If you are not sure of the best way to find a staff member, please ask at the front desk. The following are not acceptable behaviors at Free Geek:

  • Acts or threats of violence, including intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Theft.
  • Attitudes, judgments, jokes and language that are discriminatory or demeaning on the basis of race, class, gender, sex, age, spoken language, nationality, culture, physical appearance, sexual orientation, or ability/disability.

Adopt a computer in 24 hours

Free Geek receives donated used computers from the public and Build volunteers refurbish them with care. These computers are then “adopted out” to volunteers in exchange for 24 hours of service to our Adoption volunteers. Volunteers in the Adoption Program may disassemble computers for recycling, help sort computer equipment from donors, test basic computer components, or help keep our facility clean.

Volunteer tasks in the Adoption Program can accommodate a wide range of abilities — we’ll work with you to make sure you can spend the time necessary to earn your computer. No computer experience is required to participate in this program.

Learn to build your own computer

Free Geek also teaches volunteers how to refurbish and build computers. This program often takes much longer than the 24-hour Adoption Program. Those who successfully build five computers get to keep the sixth computer they build. Computers you build may go to those in the Adoption Program, local non-profits, or the thrift store.

In the Build Program, you'll learn: Hardware Identification - All of the components of a computer; System Evaluation - How to test the basic functions of a computer; Build Workshop - System assembly and quality control.

Do you already have skills with computers? Consider our post-build options: like laptop, Apple, and server testing and refurbishing. We have lots of options for people who want to learn more!

Volunteer internships

Free Geek offers a variety of unpaid internships to those who have the time, interest and motivation to work outside of our main volunteer programs. We try hard to ensure your internship will provide you with learning and skills you can apply to paying jobs. Interns volunteer on a set schedule, learn valuable skills and play a vital role in the health of Free Geek as an organization.

These are competitive, challenging and highly valued positions. While we cannot pay our volunteer interns, we offer job skills training, letters of reference, and professional feedback. Find out if there's an internship that's right for you.

Group volunteering

We provide an excellent experience for up to 16 coworkers, students, or group members to give back to their community and help protect the environment. Please submit a Group Volunteer Form to schedule your group today and keep these requirements in mind when submitting your request:

  • All volunteers must wear closed-toed shoes for safety reasons, or we will have to turn them away.
  • We require 1 chaperone for every 5 members under 16 years old.
  • For best consideration, please make arrangements for your group at least 4 weeks in advance.

We appreciate when you come prepared with a Volunteer Application filled out for each person who will be volunteering. All volunteers under 16 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their form.

To request a weekly or monthly volunteer event for school year 2016-17, submit an application here.

Take a free class

We offer classes on a wide range of topics. Try one today!

Free Geek offers a wide range of classes free to our volunteers and the general public, unless otherwise specified. Classes range from basic introductions to computers, to starting your first website and learning how to program. Check out our online class schedule.

Interested in teaching? Apply online today.

To sign up for a class, please visit the volunteer desk at Free Geek or call us at 503-232-9350.

Click class titles for more details

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