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Staff & Board

Our Executive Director


Hilary Shohoney

Hilary Shohoney

Hilary was introduced to Free Geek in her time spent as both Outreach and Development at Oregon Chapter Sierra Club and Communication and Outreach Manager at Pacific Rivers. Prior to her time in the nonprofit world, Hilary worked as Senior Audit Analyst with Microsoft Licensing and as National Sales Director at Pappas Telecasting. With her prior experience in technology and nonprofit work as a profession, Hilary found herself perfectly placed for her current role at Free Geek. Hilary was first introduced to Free Geek while working at other Portland Area nonprofits where technology was necessary and the resources to purchase it were incredibly limited. More than once, Free Geek provided her team the technology they needed through their hardware grants program. Free Geek’s mission inspired her. They were not only keeping e-waste out of landfills, they were also getting devices in the hands that needed it most. Growing up in rural Idaho, Hilary had limited access to the internet and computers. When she graduated High School and headed off to college this limited access created a real barrier. While many other students were able to complete their assignments at home, Hilary was spending extra time in the library really learning to type for the first time. As the Executive Director of Free Geek, Hilary feels grateful to help break these barriers down for others.


Our Managers


Adelle Pomeroy

Adelle Pomeroy -- Digital Inclusion Program Manager

Adelle began her journey with Free Geek as a volunteer helping to disassemble tech in our warehouse. Now, she is the Digital Inclusion Programs Manager. Together with a team of five, she manages our community programs: Community Technology Education, Hardware Grants, Plug Into Portland, Welcome to Computers and Tech Support. Adelle enjoys watching and reading sci-fi, fantasy, and anime. Her idea of a great weekend is spent with friends and family outdoors, romping in the mud with her dog Tui or snuggling her cat Potato and reading a good book. She needs some alone time she plants and makes prints.




Dwindell headshot

Dwindell Feeley -- Development Manager

A first-generation American who was born in New York to Haitian immigrants and adopted out of foster care, Dwindell is a lifelong advocate for marginalized communities. He began his professional career as a project intern at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Rockland County, NY, and was promoted first to Project Manager and then to Program Manager before being recruited to move to Portland and work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Columbia Northwest. While in New York, he created a program for at-risk youth called Start One More Something, supervised the Rockland County Court Ordered Visitation Program from 2017-2019 to create safe visitation for families going through custody battles, and participated in local committees such as the AFFCNY (Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York) Advisory Board. Following the national unrest after the murder of George Floyd, Dwindell launched his own grassroots community nonprofit, #LoveYourBlackCommunity, which has raised $50,000 to serve over 175 Black Portlanders by offering direct assistance, education, and resources like school supplies and community Free Fridges providing food for low-income neighbors. His personal motto is “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” When Dwindell isn’t on the clock, he likes to see live music, go hiking, provide help to the houseless, make music, cook, read, and keep in touch with close friends.


Amber Schmidt

Amber Schmidt -- Manager of Technology Refurbishment

Amber started with Free Geek as a volunteer intern at the front desk in 2012 while pursuing her degree in Psychology and Criminology. Nine years later, she leads our technology refurbishment operations and oversees our IT team. Amber's professional background is in retail and people management, with over a decade of experience in a management role. She quickly became enamored with the work of Free Geek and learned she could use her background in management and her coursework in human behavior to facilitate the interfacing between humans and technology. She found that she had a knack for computer hardware and enjoyed the puzzle-like aspects of troubleshooting a broken machine. In her offtime, Amber streams on Twitch, enjoys walking and playing with her two giant dogs, Moose and Milo, and still maintains an avid interest in the psychology of crime by reading books or watching documentaries regularly. She can probably eat her weight in vegas (sushi) rolls, and can most likely beat your pinball high score.


Betsy Glick

Betsy Glickman -- Operations and Administration Manager

Betsy is the newest manager at Free Geek. Her past work includes community organizing around houseless rights and advocacy, as well as food justice work. She is excited to get involved in creating more equitable digital access across class divides here in our local community. In Betsy's personal life she spends as much of it on a bike as she can. Whether that is commuting, weekend joy rides, community outreach by bike, or long distance tours with friends or her wife. Every anniversary her wife and her plan a trip to see rural areas they haven’t been to before. Betsy states, "Nothing will connect you to our planet and the need to save it like a bike ride."





John Ashcraft -- Manager of Receiving and Recycling

John Ashcraft is the Manager of Receiving and Recycling & Chief Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Officer at Free Geek. John has 10 years experience with electronics recycling at Free Geek and is responsible for ensuring compliance with a focus on organization, safety, and reducing waste in a culture of continual improvement. John has been engaged in reuse and recycling as long as he can remember: from aluminum cans, to copper wire, then dumpster diving for college textbooks and computers, and building a used book business that supported his B.S. in Sociology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. John spent a few years in Maui before settling in Portland with his partner Veronica, their flock of front yard chickens and friends. Every year or two John runs off to join the Seaclown Circus for a few weeks of adventure in Greece.



Juan Muro -- Senior Manager of Customer Experience

Juan Muro joined Free Geek in 2018 as Manager of Sales and was promoted to Senior Manager of Customer Experience in 2019. Juan was and raised in San Diego, and then spent 10 years living and working in San Francisco, California. He moved to Portland in 2017 after deciding to change careers from the coffee world to the nonprofit sector. Professionally, Juan dedicated the first half of his lifetime working with people. He worked his way up in the retail and service industry. Along that journey he took on various roles that eventually led him to management. At Free Geek, Juan leads our Sales Department and Customer Experience team. He drives our B2B, Online Store and Customer Service Experience. His lived experience with disadvantages and inequality is the motivation for Juan's personal connection to Free Geek's mission and values. Outside of Free Geek he is a coffee enthusiast, a dog lover, is passionate about digital equity and believes in teaching through storytelling.




Our Board Members

Free Geek’s board is made up of a collection of community members. In keeping with our core values, members have a diverse range of skills and mission-related interests. It's the responsibility of these volunteer representatives to set and refine Free Geek’s vision. They are also tasked with making organization-wide decisions. 


Kyle Kasner -- Board Chair

Technology Infrastructure Specialist.  Previously IT Administrator for Free Geek.  Skills in computer hardware, computer repair, and Windows.

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Marcus Carter II -- Board Treasurer

Marcus is Director of Social Equity at Cinder. He is a teacher, organizer, and catalyst for social equity across corporate, non-profit, and grassroots organizations. Marcus is also a member of Portland Workforce Alliance, TechTown PDX, SW SHRM, WO:KE PDX.

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Nicole Frisch -- Board Secretary

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Erich Merrill -- Board Member

Erich was initially involved with Free Geek as a donor. For several years he brought computers and electronics before he became involved as a board member. A neighbor of the prior board chair introduced him to Free Geek, and said she was looking for a board member who could bring a lawyer's perspective to the team. Because Erich was a business lawyer, he was happy to do just that. As part of the Free Geek board, he hopes to help Free Geek continue its good work, expand its reach, increase its financial support, and continue to be a great community asset and place to work and volunteer.

Erich grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and attended engineering school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Erich is a runner, and likes to ski and kayak---though not at the same time. One of his favorite past jobs was as a raft trip photographer on the Chattooga River. He kayaked through Class 3, 4, and 5 rapids every day, as his "commute" to work!

"Free Geek was one of the first to make it easy to do the right thing."

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Fidel Ferrer -- Board Member

Fidel is the Executive Director at Project LEDO, a nonprofit organization which works to enhance students’ success in STEM. Roughly 10 years ago Fidel immigrated to the USA from Cuba. Fidel was introduced to Free Geek by a friend and he joined Free Geek’s (since remodeled) 24h volunteer program where he earned his very first computer. During his undergraduate education at PSU, he worked as a research scientist in a HIV lab at OHSU, and realized the difficulty of achievement in science without the support of a diverse community. This brought him to founding Project LEDO. At Project LEDO, Fidel witnessed the transformative power of mentorship to low-income, Title I elementary school students. His commitment to his community and his sense of responsibility regarding the disparities of the digital divide are the driving forces that keep him pushing forward to achieve a brighter future for all!

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Jamison Purry - Board Member

Jamison is a 43-year-old African American, a father of three, and a husband. He served in the Army National Guard as a medic for seven years. Jamison is passionate about creating better communities, advocating for veterans, people of color, and people with disabilities, bridging socioeconomic gaps due to education disparities, and emphasizing the importance of strong families. Currently, Jamison works for Catholic Charities of Oregon as a Disaster Relief Case manager Supervisor.

He brings the expert knowledge and lived experience of our service members, communities of color, and people living with disabilities. He sees the value in intersecting identities and seeks to impact the community to further create an equitable environment for marginalized communities.

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The Free Geek Team

Customer Experience

Sterling Stoll -- B2B Sales Associate

Ashley Martinez -- Customer Experience Associate

Haevyn Rivers -- Customer Experience Associate

Lotus Velasquez-Rios -- Customer Experience Associate

Pedro Coronado -- Customer Experience Associate

Ryan Hebert -- Customer Experience Associate


Jesse Wilhite -- Business Development Coordinator 

Charlie d'Eve -- Marketing Specialist

Digital Inclusion

Tom Gilmore -- Technology Education Coordinator

Emily Wong -- Digital Inclusion Program Associate and Tech Support Associate

Junix Seraphim -- Digital Inclusion Program Associate 

Vince Winter -- Tech Support Associate

Ashley Martinez -- Digital Navigator

María Lara -- Digital Navigator

Margaret Jacobsen -- Volunteer Coordinator


Savannah Stillwell --Human Resources and Payroll Associate

Cali Avila -- Human Resources and Operations Associate

Michael Westwind -- Bookkeeping Associate

Brian Manning -- Bookkeeping Associate

Darryl Kan - Facilities and Warehouse Associate

Receiving, Sorting & Recycling

Durran Champie -- Receiving, Sorting and Recycling Team Lead

Aileen Miller - Receiving and Sorting Associate

Ally Militello - Receiving and Sorting Associate

Mads Lilja -- Receiving and Sorting Associate

Stephen Couchman -- Receiving and Sorting Associate

Taylor Chaffee - Receiving and Sorting Associate

Tyler Norasingh -- Receiving and Sorting Associate


Christopher Himes -- Technology Refurbishment Instructor & Technician

Hollie Teal -- Technology Refurbishment Department Lead

Ava Turner -- Technology Refurbishment Technician I 

Kai Erickson -- Technology Refurbishment Technician I 

Brandon Brink -- Technology Refurbishment Technician III

John West -- Technology Refurbishment Technician III

Michael Perry -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Mike Klepfer -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Ron Spray -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Anthony Carrillo -- Data Security Specialist

Chris Garrett -- Data Security Specialist

Travis Karson -- Data Security Specialist

Wes Dierdorff -- IT Administrator

Pico Mitchell -- Software IT Administrator