Free Geek Technology Donation Hours: Wed - Sat 11am - 4pm

Our Executive Director


Juan headshot

Juan Muro Jr. (he/him)


Prior to his time in the nonprofit world, Juan worked at Starbucks as an Operations and Training Store Manager leading teams and helping to develop talent from within the organization. Juan has put those skills to use at Free Geek and has been working to make the organization better since his arrival in 2018. At Free Geek he has brought operational excellence, ability to build great teams and a people centric lens to delivering impact. Juan’s leadership doesn’t only apply to Free Geek. He and his former foster siblings formed a group called FAYCES dedicated to influencing systemic change for the foster care community in San Diego County where he grew up. In partnership with the San Diego County Board of Supervisors and Child Welfare Services Juan and his peers advocate for policy changes that positively enrich the lives of past, current and future foster youth. With his experience in operational excellence and nonprofit leadership Juan found himself perfectly placed for the Executive Director role at Free Geek. In preparation for this role, Juan graduated from the Executive Leadership Academy at WVDO and received his Nonprofit Tech Readiness Certificate from NTEN. He has spent the last four years in service to the Free Geek community.


Our Management Team


Dwindell Joseph Feeley (he/him) -- Manager of Development & Customer Experience


Cali Avila (he/they) -- Manager of Operations


Ashley Martinez (she/her) -- Manager of Programs


Durran Champie (he/him) -- Manager of Receiving and Recycling


Amber Schmidt (she/her) -- Manager of Technology



Our Board Members

Free Geek’s board is made up of a collection of community members. In keeping with our core values, members have a diverse range of skills and mission-related interests. It's the responsibility of these volunteer representatives to set and refine Free Geek’s vision. They are also tasked with making organization-wide decisions. 


Board Chair

Kyle Kasner- Technology Infrastructure Specialist,  Gladstone School District 

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Board Treasurer

Marcus Carter II- Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, First Tech Federal Credit Union 

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Board Secretary

Nicole Frisch- Vice President of Government and Civic Relations, Federal Reserve Bank of San Fransisco

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Fidel Ferrer- Executive Director, Project LEDO 

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Jamison Purry- Disaster Relief Case Manager, Catholic Charities of Oregon 

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Emilee Preble- Administration & Underwriting Manager, OSB Liability Fund

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Rachel Sample- Foundation Director, Minnesota Street Project Foundation

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Matt Keating- Partner, PWC

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Sara Stiles- OTG Sales Director, Intel

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The Free Geek Team

Digital Inclusion

Yoana Molina Marcial (she/her) -- Coordinator of Digital Inclusion Programs

Junix Seraphim (he/they) -- Digital Inclusion Program Education Specialist

Jeremy Gomez (he/him) -- Digital Navigator


Nate Ilebode (he/him) -- Marketing and Communications Specialist


Sav Stillwell (they/them) -- Coordinator of Operations

Rin Scott (they/them) -- Bookkeeping Associate

Michael Westwind (he/him) -- Bookkeeping Associate

Darryl Kan (he/him) - Facilities and Warehouse Associate

Haevyn Oyashani (she/her) -- Human Resources and Operations Associate

Customer Experience

Pedro Coronado (they/them) -- Customer Experience Associate

Lyric Joy (they/he) -- Customer Experience Associate

Receiving & Recycling

Sterling Stoll (he/him) -- Downstream Refurbishment Vendor Specialist

Olive Brown (she/her/Its) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate

Stephen Couchman (he/him) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate

Maxie Krauthamer (she/her) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate

Mads Lilja (he/him) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate

José Mendez (he/him) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate

Jacob Roch (they/he) -- Receiving, Sorting & Recycling Associate


Pico Mitchell (he/him) -- IT & Software Engineer Coordinator

Nick Brink (he/him) -- Data Security Specialist

Aileen Miller (she/her) -- Data Security Specialist

Keyona Allen (she/her) -- Hardware Evaluation Technician

Tim Pham (he/him) -- Hardware Evaluation Technician

Brandon Brink (he/him) -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Christopher Himes (he/him) -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Justus Perrin (they/them) -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Lotus Velasquez-Rios (he/him) -- Technology Refurbishment Technician

Ron Spray (he/him) -- Technology Refurbishment Technician