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Tech Support Warranty

Tech Support Warranty Description

Free Geek’s Technical Support department provides software support and hardware support on computers received through our programs (e.g. Plug-into-Portland, Welcome to Computers, Gift a Geek Box, Hardware Grants, etc.) during the warranty period of one year (12 months) at no charge to the client

After the original warranty period of 12 months has elapsed, computers will be supported on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Tech Support for a fee. The fee is $30 for labor plus the cost of any parts. 

Servers, phones, tablets, and other non-computer items are not covered by Tech Support.

At this time Free Geek is not providing Technical Support for items purchased through its eBay Store.

Software Support

  • Linux Mint (current versions 19.0, 19.1, 19.2, 19.3,  20.0, 20.1, 20.2, and 20.3) & macOS (latest version supported by the hardware: 10.11, 10.13, or 10.15) 
  • Updating to later versions of Linux Mint & macOS (currently supported versions)
  • Clean installation of the operating system originally packaged with the computer when it was received from Free Geek with default settings
    • Computers with Linux will be changed/updated to Linux Mint 20.1
    • Apple computers will receive the newest macOS that they support
    • Computers with Windows will receive the latest Windows 10 version
    • Note that this may result in loss of users’ data and Free Geek is not liable for any lost files or programs due to a clean installation.
  • Installation of compatible drivers
  • Assistance with installation of compatible software needed for work or school
  • Wi-Fi configuration (installing a driver if needed for WiFi and help connecting to a network)
  • One-time data transfer to a computer purchased or received through Community Programs from Free Geek 
  • Printer software installation (if practical)

    If a different operating system has been installed on the computer, Tech Support will still provide hardware support but not software support.

Hardware Support

  • Troubleshooting of malfunctioning physical components inside the machine (e.g. hard drive, motherboard, etc.)
  • Replacement of hardware components or of the entire device if determined to be unrepairable
  • Installation of compatible hardware components - Free Geek does not warranty parts provided by the client
    • RAM
    • Storage devices
    • Optical drive
    • Video cards
    • WiFi cards
    • Power supply units
    • Fans
    • Anything not on this list - on a case by case basis

If the user installs their own hardware and damages the system, Technical Support may choose to decline to work on the system.

Issues Not Supported

  • Any components broken or damaged by the user after receiving the computer
  • Computers not from Free Geek
  • Computers or other items purchased through Free Geek’s online retailers (e.g. eBay)
  • Microsoft Windows (outside of fresh install for machines purchased from Free Geek with Windows 10 as the default OS)
  • WINE
  • Gaming
  • Overclocking
  • Aesthetic concerns (e.g., loud, ugly, etc.)
  • Hardware without available drivers
  • Home networking


Laptop batteries are only replaced if in warranty and if they last less than 45 minutes with average office use (e.g., browsing the internet or using office software) on a full charge. After the warranty period, Tech support may elect to help install a replacement battery supplied by the user. Free Geek does not warranty batteries provided by the client.

Computers in for Servicing

As part of COVID-19 support changes, all servicing is done by appointment only.

Free Geek does not guarantee that we will be able to fix your computer. 

If a repair is not practical or cost-effective on an in-warranty computer, Technical Support may offer a comparable replacement computer instead of repair. Technical Support will only check in the items needed for servicing. Usually this is just the computer, but sometimes it may also include laptop power adapters, monitors, printers, external hard drives, flash drives, cables, etc. 

Technical Support takes no responsibility for any items left at Free Geek that did not go through the official check-in process, and we reserve the right to dispose of these items at any time.

Any items left for more than 45 days from the time of contact for pickup may be recycled and have their data destroyed.


Computers purchased from Free Geek’s eBay store are not eligible for technical support at this time. Please see the eBay Return policy for more details and contact the Free Geek Basics eBay store directly if you have any questions.