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Tech Support

Free Geek Tech Support provides support on computers received through Free Geek's programs.

Tech Support will be closed on Saturday, August 6th

Help Desk Closed - Phone and Email Support Available - Hours Temporarily Changed

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Tech Support's help desk is closed and devices may be checked in by appointment only. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Phone and email support is available with reduced staff Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday 10 AM to 5:45 PM:

  • (503)232-9350, menu option 6



We provide technical support on most systems obtained from Free Geek, provided (a) no major changes to hardware have been made and (b) the system has the same operating system as at the time of purchase. Free Geek provides technical support for one year for computers obtained through our community programs. The Free Geek Store (our brick-and-mortar store) has been closed since March 2020 and no computers that were purchased there are still in warranty.

Devices purchased from the Free Geek Basics eBay store are covered by the eBay Return policy and do not come with any technical support or hardware warranty. Please visit the Free Geek Basics eBay store and select the Contact link in the top right if you have any questions. Due to limited labor capacity, we are not currently offering Linux Mint installation or data backup/recovery on computers not from Free Geek.

Please ensure your computer is covered by the policy above before contacting Free Geek Tech Support.

See our full description of the technical support warranty.


Contact Us

To receive technical support, ensure that your computer meets the requirements outlined above. Then contact us one of the following ways, making sure to leave your name, contact information, and a short description of your problem.


Call (503) 232-9350, menu option 6.


Send an email to

Email Form

(Typically this ID number is on a printed barcode sticker starting with the letters "FG". On Computer from Free Geek before Oct 2018, it is generally on a handwritten label with a six-digit number starting with 4.)
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