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Free Geek Digital Navigation Support and Computer Replacement Warranty

Free Geek will no longer be providing Technical Support as of Oct 1st, 2022. Instead, any device within warranty will be replaced. The Device Replacement Warranty is available on computers received through our programs (e.g. Digital Navigation, Plug into Portland, Welcome to Computers, Gift a Geek Box, Hardware Grants, etc.) or purchased from our Community Center during the warranty period of one year (12 months) at no charge to the client.

Free Geek provides 1:1 customer support with Digital Navigators for basic digital literacy, which includes: setting up your user account, connecting to the internet, updating your computer’s software, and instructions on returning your device if hardware fails.

Servers, phones, tablets, and other non-computer items are not covered by Free Geek’s Computer Replacement Warranty.

Devices purchased from Free Geek's eBay stores are governed by eBay's Return policy and are not covered by Free Geek's Replacement Warranty.

If you have any questions about the policy update, please call us at 503-232-9350-ext.101 or email us at