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Happy Birthday Free Geek!

Celebrate our birthday by finding out our 19 birthday wishes.

First established in 1970, Earth Day is a day set to motivate our action toward environmental preservation. Communities all across the world share awareness of the importance of building a healthy, sustainable relationship with our environment. Since its founding, the movement has continued to grow, igniting change throughout every corner of the globe.

Initially protesting industrial development, Earth Day has inspired countless community leaders, motivating them to act against the irresponsible treatment of our ecosystem and fight for environmental protection and preservation. It even inspired our very own Oso Martin, founder of Free Geek.

On Earth Day 2000, as a response to the need to reduce electronic waste and the desire to provide computers to those in need of digital access, Free Geek as we know it was born.

Every year we celebrate our founding while honoring Earth Day as a reminder of our mission and the environmental movement that started it all.

This year we will be celebrating our 19th birthday!




Over the past 19 years we have grown into a 25,000-square-foot community education hub, adding classes, internships, and outreach to our ongoing commitment to sustainability. While we continue to grow and build a community that empowers people to reach their full potential, our work has only just begun; For our birthday, we have 19 wishes-- dreams that promote the sustainable reuse of technology, enable digital access and provide education that demystifies technology.


For our 19th birthday, we wish...

  1. That all technology had the capacity to be reused.

  2. That all inoperable technology was recycled.

  3. To eliminate all hazardous electronic waste.

  4. To put a computer in the hands of every child.

  5. To expand our reach from the Portland metro area to more rural communities.

  6. To bridge the digital divide in all capacities.

  7. That everyone had access to knowledge surrounding technology.

  8. For more diversity in STEM/STEAM fields.

  9. To provide people with meaningful volunteer experiences.

  10. For everyone to have the right to repair their devices.

  11. That technology was “de-mystified”-- so people would no longer be afraid to ask questions.

  12. To break through the language barriers preventing many from accessing the digital world..

  13. To help people develop workforce readiness skills through their experience at Free Geek.

  14. That technology was more accessible to those with disability.

  15. For technology and tech jobs to be accessible to people of all ages.

  16. For all software accessible.

  17. For a stronger social focus on how to strengthen community through technological advance.

  18. To always keep geek culture alive and well.

  19. That eventually we will live in a world where our work runs out!

From our humble beginnings to today, we’ve stayed true to our core mission. As we continue onward we hope to see bigger and bolder opportunities for our service to unfold. Let's keep working to make our birthday wishes a reality, and treat every day as if it’s Earth Day!