Free Geek is currently open to the public in limited capacity.

Level up your job skills!

Free Geek offers a variety of internships for those who have the time, interest, and motivation to work outside the scope of our main volunteer program.

Keeping up with the most in-demand job skills can be expensive and inaccessible for those trying to learn. Free Geek offers a variety of unique internship opportunities that provide interns with valuable on-the-job training, and create pathways to new opportunities. Free Geek has helped many individuals over the years learn workplace skills while providing them the opportunity to earn a refurbished “Freektop” laptop computer! 

Front Desk1

Before starting my internship, I heard stories from members of the Free Geek team about former interns and their experiences interning at Free Geek. One story that really stuck out to me was about Kayla, a high school student, and a former Front Desk intern. She never had a computer at home and every one of her school assignments was painstakingly typed onto her smartphone.

Through our internship program, Kayla was able to practice customer service skills, experience a workplace environment, and earn a personal computer! When asked about the first thing she was going to do with her Free Geek laptop, she responded without hesitation: "Write my report for class!"

Whitley 2

Earlier this year, I began interning with the Free Geek development and marketing team to learn about nonprofit outreach and fundraising. Coming from a background of event scheduling and catering, I was very excited to be a part of the event planning process. Since starting my internship, I have had the opportunity to see fundraising and outreach event ideas come to fruition. We recently held a Right to Repair campaign event to raise awareness about House Bill 2688 which would help small businesses and individuals affordably maintain and repair tech devices. As an intern, I got to participate in the planning process -- everything from deciding on a target audience to invite to choosing what food and beverages to serve! We held meetings to discuss ideas about the budget and goals of the event where everyone’s input was valued and encouraged. It is so enriching to work on real projects; planning like events, sharing news via email, and tracking incoming donations. 

There is an internship program at Free Geek for every area of interest. If you prefer the more mechanical side of things, there are many opportunities in the tech donation and reuse programs.  You can learn how to build PCs, test and troubleshoot parts, or help out in the thrift store! There are so many ways to give back and hone your skills with Free Geek. Over the duration of my internship (so far), I have built relationships and developed valuable skills to prepare me for future positions -- and I’ve had a blast doing it! I would encourage anyone looking to further develop their career skills to apply for an internship at Free Geek. Whether in Marketing and Development, working with the Front Desk, or testing, troubleshooting and building computers, and everything in between, this is a safe learning place for everyone!