Our services are currently available in limited capacity. Donation and pickup are open at our Free Geek location Wed-Sat 11-1 & 3-5.

Newsletter 1/30

Looking for board member, remodel, and Hardware Basics 2.

New Front Desk


Look At That Fresh Face

Check out our new space! We are so excited to have finally remodeled our front desk. Although it took some time, it was well worth it. We now have our bag check-in behind our front desk coworkers, and our wall on the left has entirely been knocked out! We have created a space for people to head to the store to have less rainy access to their 20% off post-donation. 

Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out to help us! Thank you to Kaiser especially for bringing volunteers out! Without your work, we would not have been able to do this in one day. We are extremely excited to be able to make the space more simple, and more helpful to our community. 




Interested in Becoming a Board Member?

At Free Geek, we aim to have a board that mirrors the community we serve. An ideal Board member should believe in the Free Geek’s Impact Statement; Including Everyone in Our Digital Future. 

Through this belief, Free Geek board members are expected to maintain an interest in furthering the impact of Free Geek by volunteering in varying capacities. We’re looking for board members with a wide range of skills and experiences; people who can contribute expertise in running nonprofit programs, managing community relations and fundraising, individuals who are beneficiaries of our programs, have experience promoting equity and diversity, or are passionate about providing digital access and bridging the digital divide. We look for local community members who can serve as ambassadors for Free Geek. We also ask a board member to commit the time required to fulfill legal and fiduciary responsibilities as a board member.

We believe that corporations’ bad behavior disproportionately hurts the most marginalized people in society — including people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women and LGBTQ people. We believe that these communities must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.”

Email dan.bartholomew@freegeek.org for more information.


HB 2

Classes of the Week: Hardware Basics 2

This workshop is an introduction to computer hardware! Students will identify basic components of desktop and laptop computers, learn what role each part plays, and identify where those parts go inside of a computer. Students will learn what makes a computer a “computer,” and a basic framework for computer safety and troubleshooting.

No prior knowledge is necessary, but we recommend taking Fundamentals of a Computer Technician and Hardware Basics 1 first. Sign up here or at the photo above or link below.