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Newsletter 4/2

COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, our recent computer haul to PSU, and additional online tech classes.



Portland Needs Your Help!

In the past two weeks, the need for our services and programs has only gotten bigger. Upon learning that another month of social distancing had been put into play, many organizations, schools, and other groups have asked Free Geek for help. Currently, we are looking to fill requests from a wide array of people without digital access- K-12 students and college students, displaced workers, students currently in CPS, and aging populations. 

It is our priority to support our community and help provide them with technology during this difficult time as telecommuting, virtual education, and telehealth place themselves entirely as a necessity. 

Today we ask you for the help we need to keep our community healthy and safe. To make sure everyone has the digital access they need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, too. If you have the means and are able, will you consider making an emergency donation to provide digital access to people displaced by COVID-19?"

Make your emergency donation here.

Thank you for your support of Free Geek, and for your help during this time of crisis.




Good News!

We were able to provide a significant number of students in the Biology Department at Portland State University with computers! A significant number of students taking Biology needed assistance with the technology required to participate in remote learning courses, and when we found out we acted fast! We are all very glad to have had the opportunity to help these students out. This is exactly why we do the work we do, so people can succeed.

The Biology Department Chair, Michael Bartlett, stated, "because of your work with Leah, we are in a good position to assist our students in need so that they can continue their progress in the university. I believe that the focus on coursework will also provide a place of stability and support for our students, many of whom will be facing issues in the coming weeks with stresses related to job insecurity, possible illness, and restricted physical mobility."

Are you interested in a low-cost device for your home?

Check this price sheet and contact either customerservice@freegeek.org or call 503-974-3414 for a variety of laptops, desktops, components, etc. still available.



Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Welcome back to our Additional Resources list! Find out below some great free & low-cost education resources to keep yours and others brains learning:

1. Lynda.com has free education with a Multnomah County Library card

2. University of the People has free tuition - $100/undergrad class due by course completion

3. Codecademy has free classes to HS and college students

4. Write to rcarson@teamtreehouse.com from Team Treehouse directly with any information you're willing to share about the hardship you're experiencing and they'll get you, your school, or your non-profit set up: Free to students and non-profits (some tech degree programs, unlimited access to library)

5. Code.org - always free, can sign up as teacher/parent then give child access

6. Tynker is free during school closures

7. ChickTech is hosting free webinars

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