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Newsletter 8/6

free geek tech drive

Free Geek once again partnered with amazing organizations on Thursday, July 30, 2020 - Intel CorporationKGW is an NBC affiliate television station serving the Portland, Oregon DMASafewayOnPoint Community Credit Union and Schoolhouse Supplies - for a contactless drive-through School Supply Drive. From 4pm until 7pm, our crew was out making sure we could receive technology to give back to our community. With online schooling coming up, this work is pivotal to the education of the children in the Portland metro area! What'd we end up receiving in total?


free geek tech drive

Five hundred twenty-nine (529) laptops

  • Intel Aloha Campus = two hundred seventy (270) laptops 
  • Safeway West Linn = one hundred forty-eight (148) laptops
  • OnPoint Lloyd Center = one hundred eleven (111) laptops

One hundred eighty-nine (189) desktops

  • Intel Aloha Campus = seventy-five (75) desktops
  • Safeway West Linn = thirty-eight (38) desktops
  • OnPoint Lloyd Center = seventy-six (76) desktops

Sixty-six (66) LCD monitors

  • Intel Aloha Campus = fifteen (15) LCD monitors
  • Safeway West Linn = eight (8) LCD monitors
  • OnPoint Lloyd Center = forty-three (43) LCD monitors

Twenty-seven (27) tablets

  • Intel Aloha Campus = one (1) tablet
  • Safeway West Linn = twenty-six (26) tablets

Twenty-two (22) printers

  • Intel Aloha Campus = six (6) printers
  • Safeway West Linn = five (5) printers
  • OnPoint Lloyd Center = eleven (11) printers

Overall, this event was an absolute success!

free geek tech drive

Thank you so much to those of you who brought by your used/surplus technology so we can get them back out to community members that truly need them. We are so grateful for your help!

Do you have technology you'd like to donate? We're having a second drive! Find out more information here.