Find out how your donation helped Borya today!


Meet Borya

With COVID-19 continuing to permeate the lives of so many individuals, Free Geek has been working hard to help those who have been left behind. Borya is one of those people who we were able to help! 

Borya is a 58 year old woman who is disabled. She hadn't had a computer that she could use for years. She has been labeled severely disabled by my many doctors, as well as state and federal government. With a very complex medical situation, her doctors have advised her to implement both medication and cognitive therapy. The cognitive therapy is what drove her effort to try and find a laptop. 

Having a laptop now allows her caregivers to manage her medications, as well as allow her to exercise her brain with the same exercises previously done at in-person therapy!

Upon receiving her computer, Borya stated, "Free Geek is literally changing lives. To be
connected to the outside world when you're housebound, there are no words."

Not only will Borya continue her cognitive therapy and medication treatment with much greater ease, but she was excited to know she would now be able to contact her grandchildren at Free Geek.

Thank you so much to all of you who have donated! Our hearts were entirely warmed by hearing Borya's story. We continue to do our work with you to help folks just like her.