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Free Geek Faces Friday: Meet Violet

Meet Violet Our New Intern!

We're so excited to have hired our new Social Media Marketing Intern, Violet-- so we interviewed her! Check out some info on our new fantastic hire. Violet is currently a freshman at Portland Community College who loves screenwriting, poetry, art, and comedy. Find out more about her in our interview below:

Violet Picture

1. So Violet, are you interning at Free Geek?

I am interning at Free Geek to learn more about social media and marketing. I want to gain the skills that comes with the position and see if this is a career path I’d like to take!

2. Tell us about yourself: your past, your now, and what you want your future to look like. 

Most of my past is not filled with fond memories. I grew up in a poor family, where I spent most of my adolescence anxious about where I’d get my next meal. When I was 15 my family became homeless, we’d live at motels or even have to sleep in our car. We were homeless off and on all throughout my high school years. But, when I turned 18 I came to Portland and I lived at a youth transitional housing program that offered me support and resources to begin financially supporting myself. One week ago I signed the lease to my very first apartment! I am currently attending college to study film and writing. I hope one day to write screenplays and poetry that discusses poverty, abuse, and homelessness so people going through something similar won’t feel so alone.

3. Why is digital access important to you?

Digital access is important to me because in our current society computers are necessary to thrive at work and school. When I was in high school I didn’t have a computer to do my assignments on and because of this I ended up either not finishing or completely not doing my assignments. Low income folk should be able to have the same opportunities to succeed in their school and work environments as their peers.  

4. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include poetry, screenwriting, painting, and photography. I love anything artistic basically!

5. What was the first gaming console you ever played?

Wii! I had a Hello Kitty game I’d play every day after school for two years straight.

6. What are your favorite games and why?

Cards Against Humanity because I always win.

5. What is an unusual fact about you?

I was born on 9/11/2001! The only good thing about that is no one ever forgets my birthday!

6. What’s a positive experience you had during the pandemic?

I discovered my now favorite poet of all time, Richard Siken! I got the book Crush from my best friend for my birthday and I fell in love with his poetry!

7. What is your favorite Wikipedia article/thing to research and why?

My favorite thing to research is child stars that had public breakdowns. I don’t really know why I like researching this but I can say that every single one of them were completely justified. 

8. What fictional character do you wish you could meet and why?

Jake the dog from Adventure Time. I think he would give me some really good life advice.

9. What’s your favorite website and why?

My favorite website is Pinterest! I can find super cool art and photography that gives me inspiration for the things I create. Plus, you can’t really talk to other people there so there’s no drama.

10. What are your three favorite: movies, albums, songs, tv shows-- any media and why?

My three favorite albums are Melodrama by Lorde, O My Heart by Mother Mother, and Tallahase by The Mountain Goats. Each album has such amazing songs that evoke a lot of emotion and inspire some of my writing.

11. What’s something that’s true that almost no one believes you on?

Mike from Stranger Things is an awful person. I know he’s like 12 but he’s literally the worst. 

Plus! Here's some photos of Violet's artistry:

Violet Painting
Violet Painting