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Meet Donna

Meet Donna, a recipient from our partnership with SNAP to provide computers to people currently looking for professional development!

Donna holding laptop

Donna came to WorkSource Lane to explore possibilities of finding work that she would enjoy and that would help her better sustain her family. While initially thinking about a computer related career, Donna also considered her other interest in health care. Though she hasn’t  worked in health care, Donna began talking with relatives and acquaintances in the nursing field who are employed in end-of-life care and in hospitals. Donna realized that she is  comfortable being around people with health issues and that a role in helping them would be satisfying to her. From deep in her memory, she realized that as a young girl she had wanted to work in a hospital. 

After doing informational interviews and using internet resources to help her compare salaries, job requirements, and labor markets, Donna found a good fit. She decided to pursue training as a radiation oncology technologist. Her aged laptop gave out and affording a computer became a major stressor for Donna. A computer of one’s own to be able to take to classes or work on virtually is almost essential for any educational or training program.  

Donna successfully completed two classes at Lane Community College this fall and will begin applying to training programs this winter. Knowing she has the ability to work daytime or nighttime, with a reliable laptop, and a support team for technical issues is a huge relief and motivation.