Free Geek Technology Donation Hours: Wed - Sat 11am - 4pm

Meet Fidel Ferrer, one of our newest board members! 


Fidel is the Executive Director at Project LEDO, a nonprofit organization which works to enhance students’ success in STEM. Roughly 10 years ago Fidel immigrated to the USA from Cuba. Fidel was introduced to Free Geek by a friend and he joined Free Geek’s (since remodeled) 24h volunteer program where he earned his very first computer. During his undergraduate education at PSU, he worked as a research scientist in a HIV lab at OHSU, and realized the difficulty of achievement in science without the support of a diverse community. This brought him to founding Project LEDO.

People holding free geek computers

At Project LEDO, Fidel witnessed the transformative power of mentorship to low-income, Title I elementary school students. His commitment to his community and his sense of responsibility regarding the disparities of the digital divide are the driving forces that keep him pushing forward to achieve a brighter future for all! He is looking forward to this next chapter with Free Geek.

We are so very excited for our bright future with you, Fidel! Thank you!