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You can shop Free Geek on eBay

No matter where you’re located, you can purchase directly from Free Geek online. We have two eBay storefronts to meet your needs.

Free Geek Basics

This store is designed to mirror our brick-and-mortar location in SE Portland with essentials such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, peripherals and basic computing accessories. We offer these items at an affordable cost to increase digital access for people wherever they may live. We are still ramping up to full stock, so check back with us later if you can't find what you are looking for right away.




Free Geek Portland 

This is our longstanding eBay store, offering an eclectic collection of electronic equipment. From RAM/CPUs lots and smartphones to thermal printers and ink cartridges, our original eBay store page has a little bit of almost everything.




The items you find online are reserved for online buyers and must be purchased through eBay. We may or may not have the same or similar items in-store.


Why you should choose us over other eBay sellers

Remember that when you shop through our online store for computer parts, accessories, and other electronics, you’re supporting a valuable community resource. Every purchase you make from our online stores directly supports our mission.

Our nonprofit has been refurbishing, reusing, and ethically recycling technology for over 17 years. Your support has allowed us to grant over 72,000 computers and other technology items to nonprofits, schools, community impact organizations, volunteers, and vulnerable members of our community.


Show others how much you love Free Geek

Become an ambassador for digital inclusion by purchasing Free Geek branded merchandise. We sell everything from iPad sleeves and flasks to dog t-shirts and bibs.

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