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Digital access is essential to nearly every aspect of society. We call the growing gap in access to technology the digital divide. It encompasses the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have computers and Internet access and those who do not. Lack of digital access has a direct impact on the ability of students to achieve their full academic potential. This lack of access creates what is known as the "homework gap". The homework gap is the difficulty students experience completing homework when they lack access to a device and/or internet at home, compared to those who have access. This gap is still very alive in Oregon. Currently, 75,000 Oregon students do not have a personal computer to complete their online assignments. Plug into Portland was created to help close the digital divide for Portland-area students by providing a desktop computer capable of accessing online schooling platforms and video instructions.


If you would like to help us provide computers to the students on our waitlist, please donate here.

If it is within your budget to purchase a computer, please refer to our Online Store in order to purchase low-cost devices. If you don’t see anything within your price range in the Online Store, please refer to the information on this webpage to find out more and get in touch with Free Geek’s sales and customer service department.

We thank you for your patience and ongoing support!

Who is eligible?

This program is available only to K-12 students in the Portland metro area. This includes public school, private school, and home-school students.  

Students who are currently houseless and/or experiencing unstable housing situations, students who are low-income and students with accessibility needs will be prioritized for computers.

What kind of computer will you receive?

Plug into Portland participants receive a desktop computer that runs the Linux Mint operating system and a one-year warranty with digital navigation support. This computer will include:

  • i3 or better processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • Speakers and/or headphones (depending on inventory)
  • USB mouse, speakers, LCD monitor, keyboard, and necessary cords

Click HERE for the Plug into Portland Application

To receive a computer through Plug into Portland, you need to:

  1. Apply using the button below. (Be sure to check your email for an automated email acknowledging receipt of your application.)
  2. You can expect to receive a response within four weeks. Due to the high volume of applicants in the current COVID-19 climate, it may take some time to get to your application.
  3. Once your application has been verified for eligibility and approved you can take your computer home!
  4. Let your friends and community know about this awesome program by sharing about your new computer on social media!

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This program is presented by:

First Tech Federal Credit Union