Our services are currently available in limited capacity. Donation and pickup are open at our Free Geek location Wed-Sat 11-1 & 3-5.

Get Involved

Want to know how you can help Free Geek in our work toward bridging the digital divide?

Although we currently do not have volunteer opportunities, here are other ways to get involved:

Donate money

Give a gift to Free Geek to support our journey in bridging the digital divide


Start a fundraiser for Free Geek to have members in your community donate toward your goal

Tech Drive
Host a Tech Drive

Start an e-waste tech drive to get technology refurbished and sent back out to the community

Become a Member

Join our membership program, The BRIDGE, to work to bridge the digital divide annually

Donate your Businesses Devices

Partner your company with Free Geek to make sure your devices are getting sustainably reused and recycled

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