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Gift A Geekbox

27% of Americans do not own a computer. And one out of ten families do not have internet at home. The crisis is growing. Our world is growing more digital every day, and vulnerable populations are being left behind. The digital divide separates Americans along economic lines – from the cost of technology and devices, to which neighborhoods have better broadband access.

In order to meet the growing need of those who aren't currently involved in a 501(c)3 organization or aren't in the K-12 age range but still need a device, we created Gift A Geekbox.

Need a computer? Check if you meet our requirements and apply below.

Meet all recipient requirements? Apply now with the form below. Click through all 9 pages to complete application.


Who is eligible?

This program is available to individuals 18 years of age or older who are houseless or have unstable housing situations, who make an annual household income of less than $50,000 per year, and/or who have accessibility needs.

What kind of computer will you receive?

Gift A Geekbox participants receive a desktop computer that runs the Linux Mint operating system and a one-year warranty with tech support. This computer will include:

  • i3 or better processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • USB mouse
  • For desktops: Speakers, LCD monitor, keyboard, and necessary cords

*laptop computers may be provided for specific applicants, determined by Free Geek program manager

How can you apply?

To receive a computer through Gift A Geekbox, you need to:

  1. Apply online. (Be sure to check your email for an automated email acknowledging receipt of your application.)
  2. Expected to receive a response in up to four weeks. Due to high volume of applicants in current COVID-19 climate, it make take some time to get to your application.
  3. Take your computer home!
  4. Let your friends and community know about this awesome program by sharing about your new computer on social media!

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